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Shades are a versatile choice of window coverings for privacy, light control, fashion or all 3. Real Blinds Superstore offers a selection of styles and materials to fit any home décor while being practical. For panel, vertical or Venetian blinds, our Edmonton, Derwent and Vegreville showrooms carry a huge selection. The right blinds can be a great way to complement the style of your room while also offering practical benefits and even reducing your energy bills.

On this page, browse a selection of the fine blinds and shades we carry at Real Blinds Superstore’s locations in Edmonton, Derwent and Vegreville.

Blinds & Shades

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Cellular & Pleated Shades

Cellular shades are one of the most energy-efficient blinds on the market. We have them available in light-filtering or blackout fabrics, in double or single cell.

  • Duo-Fold

    • Drops from the top or raises from the bottom
  • Day and Night

    • 2 blinds in 1, light filtering at the top and room darkening at the bottom
  • Cordless Ultra

    • This works with a counterweight system, providing fingertip raising and lowering of the shade
  • Continuous Tension

    • Prevents the blind from swaying—ideal for doors, RVs or skylights
  • Omni-Rise

    • This system works with a continuous cord loop and gear system
  • Ovation

    • These sliding window treatments are ideal for patio doors and wide windows

Horizontal (Venetian)

Horizontal Venetian shades are available in a range of thicknesses and materials.

  • 1″ Venetian

    • Vinyl, aluminum, or best of both (BOB)
  • 2″ Aluminum

    • Lightweight, room darkening and impervious to heat
  • 2″ PVC

    • With 1600 patterns and colours, you should be able to find just what you need
  • Faux Wood

    • Immune to humidity, easy to clean, and cost effective
  • Basswood

    • Authentic, stained or painted wood slats are lightweight and have a classic look
  • Wood Alloy

    • We make 4 types of these blinds that are made to resist heat and are perfect for areas of high humidity
  • Sheer Horizontal

    • A soft horizontal created entirely from sheer-like material that comes in both light filtering and room darkening materials

Roller Shades

Our company manufactures these shades with high-quality tubes and clutch controls.

  • Fabric

    • Light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics are available
  • Laminated

    • We can laminate any pre-shrunken polyester/cotton fabric to make a roller shade which will coordinate with a valance topper
  • Sheerweave

    • Gives you a view and diffuses the light
  • Vinyl

    • We deal primarily in 4-ply vinyl with a fiberglass core for an extremely long life

Roman Shades

Contemporary fold-up shades are available in a variety of styles, colors and textures.

  • Motorization / Cordless / Corded

    • The traditional style
    • The modern style
    • The contemporary  style

Vertical Blinds

We stock over 5 million feet of vertical blind material in about 1,600 patterns and colors.

  • Aluminum

    • Impervious to heat
  • Fabric or Cloth

    • Helps reduce glare but not light
  • PVC

    • Easy to clean, with over 1600 pattern and colors from which to choose
  • Soft Vinyl

    • Soft and pliable like a fabric, but insulating and easy to clean
  • Innovation

    • A drapery look with lower cost and maintenance
  • Vinyl

    • We deal primarily in 4-ply vinyl with a fiberglass core for an extremely long life

Panel Track

This is a stylish European alternative to vertical blinds.

  • Sheerweave

    • Reduces the glare without restricting the view
  • Bamboo

    • For more of an Eastern flavor
  • Fabric

    • Endless design possibilities—room darkening or light filtering
  • Vinyl

    • An excellent choice for darkening and heat-blocking needs

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